522-Must anybody be an international minded person?

A woman who is 38years old, belongs to Shiseido which is one of the biggest cosmetic house, is the first woman entitled as a president of a company incorporated abroad.
It pasts two months after her accession, she still feels as if her position still be the half-fledged.
However she also understand the deserved mission in her career path. 

Her carrier in the company is an anomaly.
She grew up in Singapore as a child and had studied in Spain.
The company prepared a new career path program for her and
the first position was put in an international business unit.

Without an experience in a domestic sales unit, she actually belonged to
an international division which is the first case in the conservative company "Shiseido".
Her workplaces are Germany, Belgium and Australia as an important business office
and, in four years from 2001, she had a valuable experience in Paris which was a genuine cosmetic market.

Because Shiseido recognized they were lack of international mined business people
who could manage in a foreign market and make the company develop a global
competitiveness, she was carefully-protected and fostered.


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