601-What's required by mutual relations?

Recently, the thing is needed in order to have good relations to people , is that you have to understand and recognize problems or disputes between you and the others.
In many cases, people do not accept the existence.



582-Mt.Aso in Kyushu

Mount Aso (阿蘇山 Aso-san), located in Kyushu's Kumamoto prefecture, is a volcano with the largest caldera in the world. By right, the name is "Asogogaku"(阿蘇五岳(あそごがく)).
There is a beatiful and rich nature around Mt.Aso. So many cooking ingredients make us be fascinated.

Mt. Aso is an active volcano and you can see the top of the mountain.
There is a cable car to the top of the moutain and you can see the caldera lake. However, sometimes the road is closed when the amount of harmful gas becomes higher than a regulated density. In that case, a helicopter helps you to see the mystic green lake.

The following video is the five mimutes trip around the top of the mountain.

Except the caldera lake, there are a lot of  enjoynable places and picturesque sceneries in Kumamoto prefecture.