2896-[Japan / Train] Rainy Kominato Line / 雨の小港鉄道

The Kominato Line (小湊鉄道線 Kominato Tetsudō sen) is a railway line in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Kominato Railway (小湊鐵道 Kominato tetsudō). It extends from the west coast of central Bōsō Peninsula (where it connects with the Uchibō Line at Goi to Kazusa-Nakano in the town of Ōtaki (where it connects to the Isumi Line). All of its stations with the exception of the Kazusa-Nakano terminus are within the city of Ichihara. Diesel cars manufactured between 1961 and 1977 run through the scenic hilly areas of Bōsō Peninsula, and the line has many antique station buildings.