2927-[Japan / Train] Setagaya Line 50 year anniversary 世田谷線の50周年記念

Setagaya Line is What kind of place?
As a line that operates charming little two-car tramcars, the Setagaya Line is a rarity in Tokyo. Moreover, many of its stations are unmanned, making it highly unusual for an urban railway. Along the line are numerous shops, some trendy and chic while others have been loved by locals for generations. Despite its proximity to Shibuya and Shinjuku, it is home to historical tourist sites such as Gotoku-ji, a temple famous for its manekineko (beckoning cats), and the Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine, which is unusual in that it has a sumo wrestling ring. With these and other charms, a stroll along the line is always enjoyable. This is perhaps why it is typically crowded with tourists on weekends and holidays. Many also come to ride the “cat train,” a previously operated train that was brought back in May. Officially called the “Kofuku-no-Manekineko Densha” (the beckoning cat of good fortune train), it is painted in the style of a manekineko. Manekineko are said to have originated at the aforementioned Gotoku-ji Temple, which is near the Setagaya Line. The straps and floors inside the cars are also designed with a cat theme. Please make a point of riding it on your next trip to Tokyo.