250-The Truth About Natto 納豆の正しい食べ方について

Have you ever tried Japanese Natto? Many people can't stand it, because of it's peculiar taste and strong smell, but you know what? Natto is so healthy for you! If you can bear to swallow it, you'll reap all kinds of health benefits!

So for those of you who have managed to stomach the food, how do you manage to get it down? Any tips for those who can't handle the strong smell or flavor? Leave a comment and let your opinion be heard!

納豆食べれますか? 外国人の反応はバラバラだけど、殆どの人が食べれないと思います。納豆苦手な日本人もいると思いますけどね! あなたは、どのように納豆を食べていますか? ちょっと変わっている食べ方があったら是非聞きたいです!


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