200-Grübel resigns as chief executive of UBS/20110924山本太郎②「今のチェルノブイリ周辺の健康な新生児は15%」

UBS was plunged deeper into crisis on Saturday after the Swiss bank’s board announced the departure of Oswald Grübel as chief executive and appointment of Sergio Ermotti as his interim successor.
The move followed this month’s revelation of a $2.3bn loss because of a rogue trader at the group’s investment bank, and was every bit as dramatic as Mr Grübel’s surprise return from retirement in February 2009 to turn around the beleaguered Swiss bank.

Mr Grübel has come under pressure because of the loss and had acknowledged ultimate responsibility rested with the chief executive. But his departure came as a major shock.
Kaspar Villiger, UBS chairman said in a conference call Mr Gru(umlaut)bel had left voluntarily. The board had suggested he remain at least until the bank’s next shareholder’s meeting in April, but Mr Grübel had declined. The timing for Axel Weber, the former Bundesbank president who will join UBS next year as deputy chairman and take over from Mr Villiger in 2013, would not be brought forward, Mr Villager added.
The departure followed a two-day meeting of UBS’s board and top management in Singapore, where the group had assembled for events around the Formula 1 Grand Prix race, which the bank sponsors. However, after the rogue trading news, the meetings were wholly overshadowed by debate about inadequate risk controls, the future of the group’s investment bank and, ultimately, Mr Grübel’s own fate...............







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