(92)All creatures great and small/放射性物質検出、静岡県が公表を制止 食品通販業者に

Gates warns Nato alliance at risk

Robert Gates used his final policy address as US defence secretary to warn European allies that they faced “the very real possibility of collective military irrelevance” and that Washington was becoming financially unable and politically unwilling to bear the brunt of their defence.

He said the continuation of Washington’s postwar policy was particularly at risk if European members of the Nato alliance refused to take on more of their own security burden. In a situation he described as “unacceptable”, he said the current Libyan campaign had highlighted the continent’s shortcomings.........

放射性物質検出、静岡県が公表を制止 食品通販業者に




All creatures great and small

When he first arrived at Harvard, curious students often asked Mark Schembri, “So why are you actually here?”
It was a fair question. For those who enroll at the Harvard School of Public Health, the human population is typically their prime focus. Not so for Schembri. But the thought of being a veterinarian in a program largely filled with medical doctors didn’t stop the Australian horse specialist from coming to Harvard to pursue his master’s in public health..........



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