(62)Japan prepares rescue plan for Tepco/東電の賠償総額、上限設けず 政府支援へ6項目提示

The Japanese government is close to completing a draft plan to rescue Tokyo Electric Power, operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, to keep the utility from collapsing under the weight of tens of billions of dollars in compensation claims.
Masataka Shimizu, Tepco president, on Tuesday made the first formal request for government aid since the plant began leaking radiation after the March tsunami. He said the utility would find it “extremely difficult” to pay clean-up costs, indemnify evacuated residents and buy additional fossil fuels without help from the state.......


Australia has staged a strong recovery from its summer of natural disasters after recording a A$1.74bn trade surplus for March that was three times better than market forecasts.
The rebound from a A$87m deficit in February was fuelled by Asian demand for Australia’s commodities. Exports climbed 9 per cent to A$25bn compared with a 1 per cent increase in imports to A$23.3bn, the government statistician said.
Deepening trade ties with Asia, particularly China, are also helping to underwrite Australia’s economy, which is now in its 20th year of uninterrupted growth. Australia’s trade surplus with China hit a new record of A$2.62bn in March, beating December’s A$2.53bn, rising to A$22bn on a 12-month rolling basis.





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