Fresh clashes on Thai-Cambodia border


At least five people have been killed and thousands displaced in four days of fighting between Cambodian and Thai troops along a disputed stretch of border.

The Cambodian authorities said that the 11th-century Preah Vihear temple, which lies at the heart of the border dispute, had been damaged when the two sides traded artillery, rocket and small arms fire.

The fighting erupted again on Monday morning after a weekend of abortive negotiations and broken ceasefires. Media in both countries showed pictures of villagers fleeing the fighting, wounded soldiers being rushed to hospital and locals surveying the damage to their homes.

In a letter to the United Nations on Monday, the Thai government said that two people had been killed, one of whom was a soldier, with 13 injured and 6,000 displaced. The Cambodian government said that three people, including two soldiers, had been killed.

It is unclear what sparked the most recent clashes, with the two sides blaming each other, but both said the intensity of fighting is escalating.

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